I am seen in many ways
Known for many things
But in this world, I have
A true reflection of my soul
I tell a story
That is all mine.

Driven by a desire to look inwards for preciousness, we set out to answer a simple yet — what we believe is — a fairly unexplored question: Who are you beyond how the world perceives you? We look beyond the surface – for that one moment when her nuanced and truly unique spirit comes alive.

And for this modern, intuitive, self-reflective Her Story woman, we ask: can a jewel be more than beautiful design and craftsmanship? Making this stride into the unknown, we entered a world of luxury that is as attainable as it is meaningful.

Her Story Whisper in the Wind bracelets in 18K white gold, solitaires, diamond

Our journey has been defined by the discovery of raw and real stories and emotions, to bring them to life as an evocative collection of jewels. And it will remain an ever-evolving exploration, expressed through the deepest insights and the finest design and craftsmanship…to tell her story.


Each Her Story collection is born from intimate conversations, moments of empathy, and a journey of discovery. To the insight team, every personal interaction is a beautiful blank slate, free from preconceived ideas or judgements. Their only goal is to listen – past the world’s projected version of a person.

“When a story resonates, it’s because a strong core emotion shines through. We hold on to this core – to identify, explore and embrace it. Because only then can it truly be captured.”

Anokhi Parikh, Head, Consumer Insights


Once the facet of each story is captured, the design team interprets it through a deep creative exploration. From symbolic wings that represent free-spiritedness to the delicate lace of Chantilly evoking quiet sensitivity, a metaphor forms the catalyst in telling the story of all that she is.

“We interpret the spirit and story in the best way we know…through art. Inspiration is found in many forms – from nature and architecture to poetry.”

Vikram Singh, Product Design Innovation


Master artisans then handcraft each piece, movement and gemstone to perfection. Designs come to life with best-in-class diamonds in a variety of unique cuts, along with precious gemstones that elevate the concept, all set in pure 18K gold. Each collection takes seven to nine months to be created in-house through a detailed process that spans prototyping, consumer insights, innovation and creative disruption, at the state-of-the-art Her Story atelier.

“Each piece is a culmination of study, research and desire to be ahead of the curve. Each jewel also becomes a testament to our artisans’ passion for perfection.”

Hina Sawlani, Product Design Excellence


Her Story is presented by Walking Tree, co-founded by Ankit Mehta and Kunal Shah. The Walking Tree group which includes a business-to-business design studio and consumer-facing retail brands, is spread across India, Europe and China. The group has an eclectic mix of creative talent including poets, artists, designers and engineers, who come together to create new desires in the world of jewellery.

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