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Why stop at one?
Customise your looks and enjoy an array of versatile styling possibilities with stackable jewels that can be layered and worn.

A range of stackable bangles, bracelets and cuffs are uniquely designed to look elegant when worn on their own, or like a perfect match when worn together.

Nuanced craftsmanship allows for jewels to be stackable or styled differently, each time. Like the Limitless Versatile Necklace, which can be worn in multiple ways. Pyramids of rose gold are interspersed with those made of trillion-cut faceted diamonds, lending a bold texture and a dramatic twist to the classic lariat necklace.

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The Limitless Pinnacle Rings and Limitless Triad Rings are characterised by a geometric three-dimensional design. When worn together, trillion-cut faceted diamonds make a bold statement. While the Poetry in Motion Medley Rings feature precious ghungroo-inspired elements with uncut flat diamonds, gold and enamel, which move gracefully with soft musical sounds.

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Spirit of the Wild
Keeper of Heartstrings
Heart of Blue
Laughter in the Rain
Whisper in the Wind
Poetry in Motion